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Therapeutic Counselling

Traditional Acupuncture

Special Needs Counselling

Therapeutic Counselling

Traditional Acupuncture

Special Needs Counselling

Counsellor and Acupuncturist services, practising in Bristol UK

Malai Sontheimer BAc MBAcC Dip Psychosynthesis MBACP

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Consultation and Treatment

Consultation and Treatment:

You will be asked about your current condition and treatments so far, your medical history, your eating and sleeping patterns, your digestion, life style and emotional state. Your pulse and tongue will be examined.

This is in order to establish the cause of your disease in Chinese medical terms. It may also help you to understand underlying causes and what you can do to help yourself - changes in diet, lifestyle, work, patterns of thinking, relationships etc.

Some people experience dramatic improvements in just 2 or 3 sessions, with others change takes longer. It all depends on each individual, their constitution, the severity and length of their complaint and their life circumstances. Treatments will decrease in frequency from weekly to fortnightly, monthly etc. as you improve.

Acupuncture also works very well to prevent disease because pulses reveal imbalance before you get ill.

I advise patients to come with every change of season or at least twice a year - rather like a car service!

Malai trained at the College of Traditional Acupuncture, Royal Leamington Spa and qualified in 1985.

“The acupuncture I practise will always treat the whole person and focus on your overall well-being. My counselling experience can support you through change.”

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What about Needles?

Acupuncture needles are very thin like a stainless steel hair and they are inserted in a very sensitive way. In each treatment about 3 to 8 sterilised, disposable needles are used. Some people hardly feel them. Others describe it as a dull ache or a strange sensation along the energy pathway, lasting a fraction of a second. Most patients experience a warm, relaxing feeling after the treatment.